9 thoughts on “Loving You Wrong 

  1. I think I accidentally posted a reply to you a few minutes ago. I didn’t finish my thoughts but the reply disappeared to somewhere. I’ll try again…..You do well but you often post a poem that causes me to recall songs from many years ago. This reminds me of “If Loving You is Wrong, I don’t Want to Be right.” I don’t remember the original artist (Wilson Pickett rings a bell) I’ve heard it done by both men and women. There’s a certain nostalgia in some of your writings that makes me glad I stumbled across your blog….:)

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      1. Glad you found it. I enjoy most of your writings. I will be starting an opinion blog some time around the end of the month. Keeping this one open as well. I feel that I need a different venue in order to express my thoughts on a number of different topics….:)

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