6 thoughts on “Prodigal Masters 

  1. Your writings often cause me to pick up my Bible. In this case the story of the prodigal son (often referred to as the story of the lost son) seems to be reversed. Of course the prodigal son repented but his brother was eaten with envy or jealousy. Read Luke 15 :11-32
    These prodigal masters you mention sound very much like our EPA and their senseless regulations that do more damage to our land and the families that have tended that land for many generations. We can only pray that changes for the better will soon come to both our countries and people.
    Take care and keep writing…:)

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    1. The story of the prodigal son was in my mind as I wrote this. I also thought about Africa in general, where most of our leaders pursue their selfish interests at the cost of their nations. Development is slow here due to most of their policies, mismanagement and opposition tactics towards other political parties. It’s sad, because we have so much resources and great people here, but in the end we end up suffering. Election period is drawing near in Ghana. Next week actually. We’re praying for peace and change 🙂

      Thank you for reading!

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