7 thoughts on “Voids

  1. Midnight, the moon and midnight
    These three
    lonely as can be
    As midnight treads through the mountains
    In search of her prey
    The lonely midnight hour
    Always neglected , grants a new day
    And the moon always rejected paves the way
    Midnight moves with one purpose
    To slay
    Midnight moves with a blessing
    A new day
    The moon moves into hiding ,together with night
    wished away
    In this writing don’t expect an ending
    For this is just the beginning

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  2. Thanks for liking the blog post recently… I had a read of some of your poems. I especially liked this one. And in The River your use of italics interested me. Are you a poet of the page or the ear? Or perhaps don’t make the distinction… Either way, I enjoyed the read.

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    1. Hey!

      Thanks for checking out my pieces. Happy you enjoyed them! I guess I’m a poet of both . “This River” is actually a spoken word piece I did (video isn’t on here), however my use of italics in the poem was just random. If you check out this other poem below, you may be able to tell that I wanted people to imagine it being poured out from the heart because of the use of italics, change in letter case, font size etc


      Thank you again!

      Elsie 🙂


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