I subjected myself to a state of nothingness

One day, would I wake up different? Or be trapped in some body?



I care too damn much.

I would save each one of them, over and over again

But who saves the hero?



Worry, panic, anxiety, I unloaded them

And I learnt to not forcefully contain my vulnerability

It was okay to let them in.



The new creature has features the old lacked

I was made new, and I had to live new.

Where there is good, there is bad

But the purpose, the motive, the meaning,

Will it leave a legacy or tragedy?


Soul searching

I heard the voice of God

Always as amazing as the very first time

I was beginning to be an all round woman

That He would be proud of

That they would be proud of.



But fear met this love first

I prayed for the day, fear would leave

My prayers are working.

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