Tales of love

Lovers of a past

Shall we one day find again

Love as such?

Shall we someday pride on sans pain

Be giddy in spirit, with the littlest touch?


We retired lovers, with unfinished business

With tales of love that left open wounds…



Of love from a past…

Oh! Of the ones that got away…

Of the FIRST TIME lovers turned MAD HATTERS

The naive ones, with little to say…

The passionate ones, who begged ATTENTION

the givers …THE  T  A  K  E  R  S.

The BOLD and the timid

The experienced, the fresh meat

Lovers, complete OPPOSITES


We sit  D A Z E D , after the roller-coaster ride…

Our eyes drain out tears, while our hearts THUNDER!

Rekindling, rebounding…No, NO. Heartache stays resounding.



R e t i r e d  LOVERS, we are now.

Tales of love, lovers of a past

Constantly chased by phantoms.




The lovers who once had our hearts.

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