Dancing Silhouette











Year in, year out,

Don’t you think it’s time,

That we meet halfway?

Being with you feels like forever

But when you’re not there, it kills me

Because, maybe forever,

Only is a dancing silhouette,

Teasing a distant dream

Hinting desires, to be short-lived


Touch me, kiss me,

Don’t you dare stop

Because in that moment, it all makes sense

Holding onto you, I feel safe.

But each time I look in your eyes

There is, that dancing silhouette

Reminding that we’re just friends,

And the hardest thing, is seeing the friend I love

My supposed better half, say nothing at all.


Dancing silhouette

Killing a love, so unconditional

Quenching even the faintest, burning flame

My feelings, left to drown in the deepest well

And it’s your silence that breaks my heart

But look, as I piece it up, with hope,

In case, the silhouette, you redefine.

But the untold tale is,

I’m in love with my best friend.

27 thoughts on “Dancing Silhouette

      1. Is this love you talk about the same as the one you would feel for a soulmate? Because I find it hard to believe that you can live in total peace knowing that you love your friend like a soulmate.


      2. To be honest, I wouldn’t try to classify love.. It’s a mix of different feelings and is quite complicated!

        I’m no love expert but one thing I know for sure is that I would want to love a soulmate to an extent, just like they’re my best friend.

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      3. So ‘to love’ and ‘be in love’, do they mean the same thing? I think you can love your friend and that would keep it (the friendship) going. But to be a friend to someone you’re in love with would be hard on your heart.


      4. Happy New Year to you as well. It may take a couple of days to find my notes. I change my note books over at the end of each year and sometimes don’t really remember where I leave things. 😉


      5. Elsie, I did not mean to be so long getting back to you. Lot of things going on right now. I can not locate my notes right now but I can recommend a book (other than the Bible) that might help for now.
        C S Lewis wrote a book titled The Four Loves. This might help some but without knowing the entire situation between you and your friend that’s the best I can do without my notes. They’ll show up eventually, after we finish our remodeling project and I can put things back where they belong. You can Google this book. Just remember that the Bible has all the answers even when we don’t like or understand them 😉


  1. This is one nice piece of writing… Never thought I’d find myself in this kind of situation but I guess I did eventually. It’s really a difficult situation to deal with but it’s nice to know I’m not alone on this road.


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