I caress, tracing for a bump

Searching for what was mine

But when pages are ripped out

We never will know, the full story .


The feeling of a kick, gifted purpose

In a slow revolve, my senses are one.

What can’t be relived, is precious

Because when pages are ripped out,

It may well be half the story.


A pain that numbs, births reclusion ,

Silence creates internal discord

Emptiness cradles me, I miss my angel

The pages ripped out, leave a heart chipped.

Everyday is a lullaby, played on broken strings.


A finger’s firm grip will never be known

The sound of a heartbeat will be a song unheard

The bulge will soon disappear

I can count my breaths,since you slipped away

And these pages ripped out, are a hurtful reminder.

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