The Woman You Know Not













Woman is blind, they think

But if they had her eyes,

They would find the missing link


Woman is feeble, they proclaim,

But strength is of character

Great women have worded their walls of fame


Woman is sentimental,

But emotions bind the soul

A grand piano in the shadows, she is sensational


Woman is soft-witted, they presume

But give her power

In bedlam, unity is soon


Woman is second best, they rate

But history won’t agree

Her achievements have cradled states


Woman, they constrain to domestication,

Educate a woman, they say

And you educate a nation.


19 thoughts on “The Woman You Know Not

  1. Women have great strength both inner and outer. They are not treated as equals by men.
    Your poem shows a great insight.
    Nice to know you follow Meenas Poems.
    All the very best.


  2. Elsie Nice to meet you in the Blogging Community :). Beautiful and Powerful Poem about Women, You used the perfect words. -Sagarika


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