Leaving little to imagination

She’s teasing me in that chair

Pleasure to my eyes

I know I’m in the lioness’ lair

I’m trying hard to control my thoughts

My heart, it palpitates

I slouch back to lull myself

And the hunger keeps calling,

With time I’ll be exploring

The damn clock 

It tries to deflect attention

But she has me fixated

On curves that stupefy

Never known restraint so well

Every bit of me left aroused

In a moment, my desires to quell

I savour the sight that beholds me

She bites her lower lip, enticingly

I hold back no more

And I feel her body

She smells so sweet

I’m up to no good 

Foreplay begins, anticipation is high

She wishes to be tamed,

Receptive to my wandering hands

Tonight will be the best

I’ll give it to her just right


Staring me down

Lifting every hair off my body

His eyes so intense,

They tell of the night’s story

I’m losing it, he’s won me over

My heart beating faster

Trying hard to keep my composure

Insanity awoken with such power

No care in the world, I’m entranced

The ticking of the clock

It tries its best to distract

He’s teasing, and I suffer

Mentally he undresses me

I’m dying slowly every second

The burning sensation taking over

My craving right there as a weapon

Desire so profound, I’m going crazy

He plays this game like no other

Bodycon struggling to be free

He walks over and I nasale 

His hot breath cloaks my neck

And chills run through my body

Anticipation running high

I’m on cloud nine

It’s only just the beginning

But he’s got me by his hand’s palm

And I wonder how he stays so calm

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