Stolen Innocence

teddy-bearPerspective from daughter

She was just a little girl

But so worrisome, in pain

A secret to tell, about some happening

Someone had stolen a part of her.

Broken crayons on her bedroom floor

Less enthusiasm to cartoons on cable

It stabs her mind, replaying over and over

Mummy must know, yesterday was a nightmare

It felt funny down there

As she checked behind closed doors frequently

And she would cry a little as she remembered

That a boy, her friend

created unwanted melancholy.


Perspective from mother

Her behavior uncharacteristic,

Maybe she was just a little tired

From yesterday’s play date.

She carried on cooking but with uneasiness

It had been hours, her daughter still in bed

Over lunch she would try to make her feel better

Perhaps it was just one of those days.

She took off her apron and made her way upstairs

Cuddling up to her daughter very much concerned,

She questioned the girl who evaded her eyes

There in that moment, a chill ran down her spine,

Her daughter nodded, as she asked if he had touched her down there.



15 thoughts on “Stolen Innocence

  1. What bothers me so much about this is that some clods actually believe they’re doing you a favor. I remember a conversation I had long ago with a boyfriend who was delusional. He told me that some fathers do this and believe they’re helping their daughters! What a creep.


  2. Sadly we share the world with some people … this issue is too vast for a single comment, or post, or blog, or book, or library.

    What’s right, and what is wrong? Should we be liberal to the limits and make our hearts bleed, or should we be closed and shuttered in thought and reason, likewise?

    Is it a ‘cultural’ thing—or endemic to the gender?

    I use and always have used one definition to guide my own behaviour (as a man) and that is never to use any form of force or coercion. (Sure, when younger I tried my luck and was rebuffed sometimes—but ‘No’ was always taken as no.)

    The use of force (for anything other than self-defense) always was and is anathema. So are we talking little girl and little boy here?
    Can little ones make reasoned judgements, or are they a bit more basic and instinctive?
    Are modern boys brought up to be arrogant thugs, or are they taught reason? In a ‘might makes right’ world can they resolve contradictions?

    Like I said, it’s a big issue—good luck.


    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes it is fiction, but it goes beyond that because I feel this happens many a time in this world. How we bring up our children is crucial to the decisions they would make as adults in future. I believe no person is born with bad intentions. We are influenced by the environment we live in and the people in our lives. The occurrences of this issue in the manner they do give reason to mull over that it could be endemic to the gender. It is a big issue and you raised some important questions that the world needs to give answers to and respond accordingly. The principle you live by is estimable. A quality worth instilling in our kids.


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