Maggie Dearest,
You turn my world around
Tell me sweet words,
Let thy love abound
Spare me even the littlest moments,
So my heart may calm
Oh Maggie,
Please leave me not shattered
And clasp my palms

Maggie Dearest,
Prove to them I’m the one
Picnics at noon, night banquets
Wear my feet out on the dance floor
The slightest touch, I’m hot as the sun
Leave for too long, I’ll be begging for more
Oh Maggie,
Come lets explore
I promise rainbows and nothing less

Maggie Dearest
May I show you off
Classy like Jackie, Attitude de la Monroe
Sexy, my very own Josephine
Photogenic Audrey, effortless Taylor
Tashman-esque fashion
Oh Maggie,
See how they adore you
Your glamour astounds.

Maggie Dearest,
You have it all
Beauty, intellect,fame
Do you have love?
Fall outs with lovers,and some lonely nights
I am who you seek,
Maggie,oh Maggie
I am worth more the diamonds and fancy rides
I’ll show you a love pure and unconditional

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