Trapped in darkness
My eyes speak though shut,
Motionless, but struggling within
To make as much as an eye twitch
I try, but I can’t
My desperate knocks, ignored by Stillness
Who beckons another day’s trial

Voices all around,
Worrisome but hopeful
She has prayed unceasingly
Her tears, a boundless pool
I wish these fingers move.
Sleepless nights, she stays watching me,
I wish that soon I’ll be free.

There was light, and they wore white
I ran with them all, in the meadows
Chasing after their shadows
We ate by the lake,
The children played, and she was by my side
I gazed admiringly at her, my joy and pride.
They disappeared and I was alone.

I gripped her hand as she lay by me.
Happy that the door had been brought down
But, she’s tired, she’s missed it,
Another door to knock on.
I am desperate, at war with the stillness
Seeking my release, missing seeing the faces I love
I grip again, and there’s silence
I must win, I must find a way out
And then she says my name,
Happiness never sounded so beautiful
Captive no more, I am  finally awake.


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