I am wise, because you are,

As I grew, I learnt and watched.

I am strong because you are,

Your head held up high, I followed suit.

I am a blossoming bud, and you the flower

Each day senescing, just like you have.

I know better, because of your misjudgments

Confident and astute just as you are.

You are my sister and best friend,

You epitomize a strong woman, simply because you are.

Happy Birthday Lara(08/05/2014)

18 thoughts on “BECAUSE YOU ARE

  1. What a very nice blog, full with words of wisdom you have here. I really like and admire your wrire-up. Thanks for the follow and may the good Lord open His book of remembrance for you both in season and out of season in the name of Jesus Christ. Have a blessed week ahead to the glory of God.


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