Unspoken Deeds



Behind that smile,

She is battling

Ravishing , charming and  inspirational

But where’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

She is fighting,

Unbeknownst to us,but she is our  brightest star

Behind closed doors,

She’s indulging

The epitome of health in our sights

But on the floor, she quivers and writhes

She is alone.

Emptiness she hides, her nirvana is a myth.

The smile will fade,

That face will be seen no more.

She steals the closure we will need

Injection needles, concoctions and what-nots

Her mind,  filled with poisonous thoughts,

And here we are clueless, oblivious to her secret deeds

She leaves behind her heart’s treasure

Now our eyes are open but it’s too late,

Tears, confusion, grief

She’s left us, gone, too soon.

Why?  We ask ourselves, we need closure.

But it’s taken away forever, dim is our once bright star.

Rest Well.

17 thoughts on “Unspoken Deeds

  1. Emotionally raw and powerful, heavily laden with symbolism. The words just come from somewhere for me too. These words go somewhere. Nice. Peace. ~ Michael


  2. Indeed this poem is relatable to many. And when I read it I felt timely in light of Peaches Geldof’s death. Do you spend a lot of time editing your poetry? Or do you just write and publish as is?


      1. I also write about what I feel, but spend hours chipping at drafts until I feel it more or less fits within the formal conventions of poetry. You have a nice loose style and have earned yourself another follower. Just one word on presentation though. Always left justify-a recommendation by publishers and WP alike.


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