Glow Baby, Glow


Two bars the EPT showed, it was positive.

A mother to be, that is what it revealed.

My heart was racing, and shaky were my hands

Now all that was left was to tell my husband

That morning I was the happiest I’d ever been.

A wandering mind, and some mattress jumping,

It would be nine months to wait, to unveil my seed.

But how would I break the news to the next of kin?

Soon there were toddlers all over, and they filled out my carpet.

Nope! It was just my imagination, I couldn’t help it

Pondering over sterilizing bottles and changing diapers,

Not even an hour since knowing, and I was already singing  lullabies.

I stared into my mirror cradling a tucked in pillow bump.

My face manifested happiness, I could see the glow.

The Daddy would soon be here, so what am I to tell?

I thought out  ways to surprise him well.

A ‘Happy Father’s Day’ text, or bake a bun in the oven?

Maybe I should give him the EPT telling him to read the ‘thermometer’!

So many interesting ideas but I settled for the latter.

Quickly, I jumped to my feet, when the doorbell rang all of a sudden.

In my pajamas I darted to the door

A deep breath in, I grasped its handle.

But when I pulled it open, I just couldn’t be obscurant,

I smiled at him and screamed , “I’m pregnant!”

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