burning rose




Wincing, kissing, here’s the story of a toxic love

Denials, quarrels, a day’s routine

But with every head-butt, kick, or slap

The love was still deeply rooted from within


Flowers, chocolate, material things, oh she must have been glad

Tears fell, bruises formed, ripped dresses, a fairytale marred

And with every hug, or seemingly heartfelt apology

She loved him still, and hid her agony


Raised eyebrows, concerned people, “what is going on?”

No eye contact, storytelling was her act

But behind those big sunglasses, and the scarves concealing contusions,

She was hurting, her soul was crying, but still she defended the one at fault


The day came when knocking went on forever,

‘They’ had come to seek the answers they so badly sought after

But behind that door lay a lifeless body

A rollercoaster love affair had ended in a mortality.


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