There was a phase in my life,

Where nothing made sense,
The learning and yearning,
The expected rise to fame,
Dwindled significantly to shame.
The hustling and bustling,
The ever-present daily hassle, 
For all that extra muscle.

We yearned for tomorrow, and the progress it stood for,
But yesterday was once tomorrow and where was the progress in it?
What might have been and what has been only brings us to what is.
We spend our lives planning how things should go and anticipating the outcome in our minds,
But a lesson hard learned is nothing is ever promised tomorrow today.

It was like a dream, the curtains were drawn 
I heard screams, and the audience applaud,
Shaky hands tell of how nervous I was
The name was called, the stage ever ready, but there was the awkward pause,
My heart was thumping, the people were cheering, 
My mouth opened, but no sound, oh dear me!

Bright lights, prying eyes

I had to hide my fright
So many minds to please, but I wasn’t at ease.
I knew they’d been anticipating this moment,
But I was palpitating, and needed to vent.
Then a sudden force swept through
And it was in control till the end,
Sweaty brows I had, but a relieved me took a bow, 
They threw roses at my feet, and shouted my name.
Pulled this off? I really don’t know how
But back in the dressing room, I marveled at the ‘person on stage’ I became.

Co-authored by DrewJunior.

You can check out his awesome blog through this link:

8 thoughts on “THE MIND’S EYE

  1. Hi. Yes, my take on it is that we either find the “courage” to do what we do routinely, appear strong and grounded and yadda yadda or we do have the “strength” to do what we put out there, only to collapse in weakness (or relief?) once the curtains close.
    Caveat: right now I’m not watching my lines as we parade across this stage called life 🙂


    1. oh okay. Interesting 🙂 Well usually when trying something new for the first time, there’s a moment of uncertainty and that breeds fear. i think it’s in that moment that we either choose to find the courage to face it or we just do our best(finding the strength to do what we put out there). The relief is kinda like being happy that you didn’t screw up and lived up to the anticipation. And it definitely gets easier afterwards:) (You won’t have to watch your lines then)


      1. Thanks for replying. I understand what you’re saying, however, I wasn’t referring to a new experience. I was instead referring (I suppose I may be applying what you wrote to myself) to what some of us do on a daily basis. It’s not really pretending but sometimes forcing ourselves to stick to what we know… sticking to the script as closely as possible. Sometimes I just want to ad lib it, know what I mean 🙂


      2. Yeah man I get what you’re saying as well. That’s the good thing (yes, not trouble with 🙂 ) words- you can make them what you want. tOODles!


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