The House


They look you right in the eye, and tell you to give it up
Your fire, they must put out
Then what becomes of a crushed dream?
Hold on you! Don’t let the house fool you.
They’re a pack wolves, so deceitful.
Just hold on a little stronger, and pray harder.
Sooner or later some Johnny on the spot will bring in a Deux è Machiná
So pay no attention to the house.

The ones green with envy, they try to rain on your parade .
Sashaying in your limelight, always sure to drop their two cents wherever.
Tune them out and remain tenacious, you; dimepiece or suave fellow.
Just strive on a little longer and stand out more boldly.
Sooner or later your you will stand and deliver,
And the house will recall a red letter day.

They see me as still in my salad days
Refusing to hear me out, saying I’m a white elephant.
Tossing me from place to place, I can see the uncertainty in their faces.
A chance they dare not give me, rejection becoming a frequent battle.
Sooner or later the house will applaud a feat of mine.
My chimera, they will perceive.

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