Now and Then


The present…
Us, broken is what we’ve become
You’re calling time on us
Indifferent is how you act,
Leaving me confused and in pieces
Changed is what you are.
Whom I love is not you anymore
A stranger is who I see now
With teary eyes I have to move on and bid you goodbye.

The past…
Us, bound was what we were
Inseparable and united in everything
Caring was who you were,
Reassuring and optimistic about our future.
Down to earth, you were my friend.
I thought I’d seen the good in you that no one else couldn’t.
My partner in crime you were,
It was always hard to leave your side.

Flashbacks and memories, they taunt and hurt me
Tears and laughter, desires and relief
A blessing in disguise maybe, oneday I’ll be free
The pain and heartache with time will cease
And then I’ll be at ease, with peace.
Dear ex lover, I shall be well
Go on now, this is our end.

25 thoughts on “Now and Then

      1. Happy to visit again….time does not permit a lot of blog reading….:) I’m doing well by His grace thanks!….hope you are too. Continue to do your thing for the King and bless others….:)


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