Spotlight on Feelings


My name is colour,

But all have their choices.

I am called personality

And my job is to put smiles on their faces.

Talent, yes I am talent.

And I’m here to make a difference .

Age is what they call me, but my name changes every year.

If you give me a chance, I’ll work hard to impress.

Nationality will forever be MY name,

And I’m an embodiment of my whole being, remember that some things are not always as they appear.

Feelings, I am a part of everyone’s name.

Here’s the reality with feelings.


I met colour, and decided to compare I felt proud and superior and made sure she was aware.

Along came personality, and rating him on a scale was necessary

High or low? Hmm, that would determine if he could be my buddy.

Then I saw talent from a distance, and I must say I fell in love.

After a while I got bored, it was all sour and oneway, I had had enough. Β 

Age came into the picture, he was very complicated.

Too young to understand me, too old to have fun with.

But too young was hyper and bubbly, too old was wise and reassuring.

These two, in my life I needed!

Oh Nationality, at first sight I was puzzled.

But after a while we clicked, She seemed quiet, but she was loud in her actions and dressing; her dancing left me in awe,

She didn’t talk much, but yet a lot was revealed.

So I, feelings came to a conclusion.

Colour was beautiful regardless of whichever I liked,

White was radiant, black was glossy, and shone.

Personality was interesting, but different.

I usually would go with two peas in a pod…but I was willing to see for myself if opposites attract.

Talent amazed me, and others agreed.

But lack of originality and monotony sent me looking elsewhere.

Age had her two sides, the complication was like a person with multiple personality disorder.

I could work with young and old, and magic would be made.

Nationality was like a book cover, I just needed time to read the whole book to understand her.

The cover could be misleading, so assumptions you should avoid!

And me, Feelings? What had I learnt about myself?

The honesty and truth I portray, is beautiful and real.

It may not be accepted by all.

Just like how twins have distinctions , having a left and right foot, the moon not being perfectly round, Everybody’s name, FEELINGS, is spelt differently.

We are unlike, incomparable and individual.

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