Hack: A literary drudge

Arbiter: A person empowered to judge


Mr. Hack Arbiter, hear my story, see my craft, what do you think now?

Drumming and singing,

Accompanied with chanting and teasing.

Crafty thoughts won’t dampen my mood.

Another star must join the galaxy, so no worries, I’ll pull through,

Carefully I will display, and discretely I must profess

But from start to end, I assure you that you will be impressed.

They hug me from the front and stab me in the back.

But will you please be my filter, and mint out this stale air.

Don’t lie to my face and say you adore  me, then in my absence be a muckraker.

Mr Arbiter please, I’m drumming, can you hear the desperation

Of a plea to tell the true story, not a fabrication

Because I want to get this beat right, it’s my only passion,

I’m singing my heart out to you

Won’t you join me, and my gift, please don’t overlook.

Because I’m here to give you my best not fortuitously.

So I’ll drum till the beat is heard,

I’ll sing till my heart keeps shining through this shirt

I’m not going to be anyone’s four leaf clover, I want to be a blessing.

So Hack Arbiter do me a favour and lets preach verity.

2 thoughts on “MR. HACK ARBITER

  1. Very nice!

    Passing judgement becomes second nature with us and we do it all the time without even realising. This subconscious behaviour puts off people. What could we do to become more non-judgmental?



    1. Thanks Shakti for your comment. I feel we should give people a chance. Sometimes we just close our eyes to whatever good might be in people and let that be overshadowed by probably a past mistake they’ve made or a bad quality they might possess. We are all at fault, no one is perfect. Cordial conversations with people might help us understand them better.


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