The birds will stare in amazement, and be bewildered by this new me

The flowers will bloom at my feet to give encouragement, the garden ever so beautiful.

Dark clouds will be chased away, and the wind will allow me to dance to my rhythm.

New doors will be opened to bring new beginnings,

The past will act its namesake; I will only go back to it to learn from my mistakes.

Tears will be shed only when joy calls, and love will still be considered the greatest,

It’s the call of freedom, stepping in a new direction,

Though there are uncertainties still, I will be bold to let go of fear and be brave

People would have walked into my life and walked out of it, no regrets whatsoever, everything happens for a reason.

The choir will sing of my triumph, loud, the drums will beat, and the piano will play out a melody signifying my eminence

The eminence is ME; Changing the bad but keeping what is considered good

I will look up to You Lord, Thou hast brought me this far, not to be forsaken

In Your perfect timing I rely, I look to You Lord to cross the bridge to revel in freedom

Freedom from the past and its miseries, sorrows and defeats.


8 thoughts on “FREEDOM – THE EMINENCE

  1. Happy New Year Miss Elsie!……..thank you for your support in 2012…….may 2013 be your best year ever as you continue to grow in Christ and seek to walk in His plan and purpose for your life………blessings!……..Kim


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