The words seemed to sound like a whisper in the wind
And as all eyes closed …I stopped to think
I searched in my mind
For the right words it seemed
But none would arise to sweeten my lips
Panic , fear and total desolation filled my being
As i grappled with shame….I thought all was lost
Then it came like a thief
Silent ……..yet swift
Soothing and so calm
That my spirit was in awe
It took control of my being
And spoke of things not seen
And as sure as I’m alive
I felt its power within me
For you joy is near !
And for you love is born !
And for me a rebirth of hope
We’re the fruits of its power……
So as I look at that night
I remember not my plight
But I’m humbled by the power
Of His amazing grace…


By Paul Akrofie

9 thoughts on “SILENT PRAYER

  1. May you be blessed with peace, love, joy and the abundances of the Lordโ€™s fruits of prosperity this Christmas Season. We love you and appreciate you for all that you do in helping to build and promote the Kingdom of God here on this earth.


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