…sometimes we’re not so sure about that little voice in the back of our heads…

Thoughts contradict, actions are unexplainable, but then the accountability is due from one person and consequences will belt out their chorus in grand style.

“When I grow up I want to be an opera singer. I would wear fancy, long gowns and my face would be plastered on every billboard. Jade, they would call out; it would be the name on the lips of every person. I’m Jade, I want it all.” “I’m Sade, I just want to sing out my heart to the people I care so much about”

These were two different desires, but all coming from one person. Within a fortnight, Sade was the talk of the town. She was a crowd puller at a local bar, and she never failed to please everyone. The sweet voice she was gifted with, touched hearts and one could feel a lot of emotion pouring out anytime she sang. But then if you listened carefully, you could tell something was strange. It was as if there was a transformation taking place anytime she was getting to the end of a song. Her voice became slightly raspy and it was like a whole new person had taken over. This ‘person’ sang with pain and was much more confident in her stage craft. The crowd seemed to love this edginess. She was inspired by everything around her, she surely did own the stage. The spotlight was all hers!

Strobe lights, strobe lights, come share my spotlight

Make all aware that there’s only one to be heard,

Paint out a rainbow, so they can’t really tell,

Plain Sade, Vain Jade, two sides to the story but is all really well?

Strobe lights, strobe lights, light out a path,

Have you had enough? Or want more than you could have…


Sade’s Mum Dana noticed the change almost immediately in her daughter. One night after a performance at the Glitz Hotel, she went to the dressing room to try to find out what exactly was going on. It ended in almost a tragic way. The scene was Sade at her window looking down at Dana who was lying on the ground in a pool of blood. She had suffered a fall from the 8th floor. Miraculously she was still alive but paralyzed for life. Unsurprisingly Sade was a suspect  since she was the last person that Dana was with before her fall. She was questioned by police on what had happened. Shaken and confused, her answers were not coherent. She was detained so that further questioning could continue later on.

Home, where is the home I seek solace in?

Clouds of despair have formed above me

Brakes fail, train derails, so much happening without reason.

Oh am I well? Thrown in treading waters, Must I believe all I see?

The grass isn’t getting greener, flowers aren’t blooming,

Are better days yet to come, or will I have to remain in gloom and stay sulking

Home, I want to go home. I want to find myself at peace

Home I want to be home, I must find home because the heart is no longer at ease.

Sade was taken to a mental institute. She had been complaining of hearing voices and seeing things. That night she felt so alone and scared. She had to go and see Dana. She managed to find her way out of her four walls. Within a few minutes she was by Dana’s bedside at the hospital. Dana was relieved to see her daughter. Tears were shed, hugs were given. Sade even sang her mother’s favourite hymn. It was like everything was back to normal. But the story wouldn’t end this way.  The next morning, the front page of the leading newspaper read: MOTHER SUFFOCATED TO DEATH, DAUGHTER COMMITS SUICIDE BY DRINKING BLEACH.

Some princess would tell you she’s not happy

She has everything but the simple things aren’t present.

Someday we all wish to be great

Hardwork will pay off but most of the time we are blessed with something different,

So if we find ourselves where we wish not to be, do we complain and be miserable?

Misguided thoughts will breed uncertainty,

Uncertainty will create self-doubt

Self doubt will let you settle for less.

And when you settle for less, your happiness becomes anyone else’s decision.


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