My mind is at war, incessant thoughts of yesterday.

My eyes have become a paintbrush, trying to change the picture already made.

My heart is now a cell, feelings are entrapped.

So fragile it has become, there’s no room, no gaps.

The memories won’t go, they act out their scenes so perfectly,

And each hour, minute, second, they’re housing my intellectual dwelling.

  Visions of the past linger in the present, stirring up all sorts of emotions,

This is no hello – goodbye, their stay is permanent; somewhat  of a mental paradise and prison.

Good memories bring the soul cheer and joy,

Bad memories prick the heart and leave wounds and sores.

Memory lane tells a story of ups and downs

Times of smiles and frowns,

Painful decisions and triumphs,

The rights and wrongs,

These memories are bittersweet.

Some might make me fall to the ground, some also lift me off my feet

Life goes on, but the memories are a constant reminder of what used to be.

Unfading they are, always residing within me.

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