Always thought they were the best at emotions.

Always knew they would one day count.

Always hoped that when the time came,they would be just right.


 Now is that time and all has been said,but nothing.


 They are lost in the empty space separating us,

 They just get sucked into the space of our separation that not a thing is heard.


    Maybe it has nothing to do with the whole between us;may be they penetrate 
                                      the distance,but time,not so much.

    Time has absorbed them;the words you longed to say no longer gets through

       The words reach the other side,but there’s no one standing there anymore

 The position where he once filled is empty;he no longer pays attention and every word I am holding on to just crashes,their pieces falling to the ground.


And the sound of their pieces is very familiar;matches the crashing of my heart.

Wish I could pick them up,put them together and tuck them away.

And tell them one day they would heal and fall right back into place

But how,when I cannot even seem to know that

Always thought that when the time was right he would be there to hear them

Never thought they would be crashed because you are already gone.

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