My Candle Light

This piece is for anyone in a long distance relationship, willing to make it work…

You bring brightness to my day

You give me joy and I’m blown away

My angel, you came knocking and I let you have your way

You’re the reason I smile, the reason I can’t wait to hear from you the next day

I found love  and I’ve totally fallen for you, I’ll say

Those times I can’t stop thinking about you

All the times you make me feel special, could it be too good to be true?

Of course the distance came when it was due,

But even being miles away, It’s the same love, nothing’s new

You’re mine, I’m yours and our voices simultaneously belt out I love you

So when you’re back in my arms, I’ll hold you tight

Knowing that our love would have climbed to new heights,

The nights will again be ours and everything will feel just right

Because for this love we’ll continue to fight

And like a burning candle light, our love will shine out bright.

10 thoughts on “My Candle Light

  1. Beautiful I was in a relationship with my girlfriend for two years before meeting her in person. It is indeed possible to love through the distance. God bless Skype 😀


  2. Elsie! Been a while. The last post I read was the Misconceptions in Modern Day Media. I see you’re still doing a wonderful work. I try to put myself in your writings, and I think that for this one, the only way I can identify myself with it is if I consider Jesus as the one with whom I have the relationship [only that He takes me in His arms and holds me tight, not the other way(: ] Keep up the good work! Hope you’re well…


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