Beautiful sky, you remind me of a time so wonderful in my life

My eyes used to twinkle just like those many stars

Sweet sounding birds, you sing so pleasantly

I recall singing too, when to my day nothing could mar

Tropical sea, you know I too had a love so clear

I thought everyone would see through and know it was real, no need to fear

So where did that love go?

Tell me raging sea waves, did you scare it away,

Rapid winds did you carry it away from me, was it lightweight?

Scorching sun, did you burn it out, tell me I need to know!

Or was it your heavy downpour, Rain, your drops falling on my eyebrow.


You should have seen my gown; I was going to be so pretty walking down that aisle,

Imagine him having seen my face behind that lacy veil,

It would have been the best day of my life.

But here I am and I still don’t understand

Mistaken emotions, and on that finger no wedding band,

A short-lived love I wish I could find,

Tears and a broken heart, please tell me who stole my romance?





24 thoughts on “STOLEN ROMANCE

  1. Oh your gown was very simplistic, very beautiful. Each stitch was made by skillful hands by someone who loves you very much…


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