We rise, We try, We shine,

Incomparable we ought to be

So when they tell us “No you can’t”

We double our efforts, that in the end all would see,

Our Greatness comes most in the time of envisioning beyond mediocrity.


I run to win, I run to please

I run to set records, I run to feel out of this world

So in that moment I let my feet do the talking,

Competing with others not just for glory

The soul is happy when succeeding against all odds

Good gets better, better becomes best,

Being challenged to the core, stirs up a sense of power

Power to cross the finish line

and be a piece to that jigsaw of greatness,

We rise, We try, We shine.


I fight hard, I see chances, I make something out of nothing

Basketball was, is and will always be legendary.

I saw my chance, I aimed, I shot and claimed my basket.

I made it happen, game over, everything else was history

Losing myself in such a game never felt this good,

The Basket gave me two options

Shoot and be a winner, or, miss and lose,

For me losing wasn’t part of my discretion

But focus, when absent could make a loss the whole picture,

So when I was given the ball, I had only one thing in my head,

To defy gravity and claim the basket.

In that moment greatness shone through me.

We rise, We try, We shine.


I believed, I kicked and I put the ball behind the poles,

Placing the ball into the net had been my goal and of course it was a goal.

In the dying minutes when winning was beyond me,

Greatness gave me a moment, and the goal was a beauty.

Teamwork turned skill and effort into grandiosity

The season was another reason to complete a mission,

One full of greatness, one to be remembered forever

Even the sloppiness could be forgiven because when you believe,

Greatness follows right behind you.

So I believed, when they thought I should give up

I gave my all, did my bit to lessen the gap

And then like a chain reaction, we the players perceived greatness

And not once did we lose hope that our destiny was success

We rise, We try, We shine.


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