Pathway to Success


Roses are red, Violets are blue

I endured failure first before success was due…

Where are you heading to?

Sometimes you feel like you’re taking two steps back

Follow your cue, it’s nothing new

Rejection will definitely come and attack

Accept it and move on

Like Bo Bennett said, “Rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of happiness”

And if they ever tell you that you can’t

If they ever ridicule you and play their silly pranks

Nod your head and smile

Success is yours already

Because the first step in going the extra mile

Is believing in your endeavours

It won’t be easy, yes

Life wasn’t meant to be that way

Trials are tests

They’ll keep you on your toes

If you come tumbling down

Get up on your feet and keep chasing your crown

The race never ends unless you decide to quit.

The easiest thing is crossing the finish line, what’s difficult is getting to it.

But achievers have no finish line, that’s for the less ambitious,

Are you going to be cautious or take risks?

Education is the key to success but you must first unlock the door of failure

It’s the only way we’ll climb the other steps to the door of success.

Upon a bed of stones, find your stepping stone

THAT IS FAILURE! It will lead you to SUCCESS, a bed of roses.

16 thoughts on “Pathway to Success

  1. Each thought turned to word in verse
    shows your gift to the universe
    I am enjoying the energy flow
    just wanted you to know!

    This is beautiful!…

    Take Care….
    You Matter….



  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve gone through an incredible transformation in the last year. And I know I just can’t quit. I have to give it everything I’ve got. I won’t let anyone or anything stop me. Words like this just keep me going, let me know I’m on the right path, and that other people get it….


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