A BIT TOO LATE…little one, never look down. BE BOLD

I’ve been walking, walking quite a distance

Been alone this whole time, saw  no one I could trust

Soon I’ll understand why they say you only live once

This whole time I have  had my head down

Not looking up, or at my sides

Trying as much as possible to make no sound.

I fear being noticed, I loathe the spotlight

Opportunities have come and gone

My answer has always been the same, there’s nothing new that I’ve set my eyes on

Shy deep within me, but I hide it with a frown

I wish I could try but I’m scared of letting them down

I’d rather stay in my comfort zone, and remain unknown

Once again it’s time for me to rise to the occasion

I close my mind to it and plan an evasion

My attitude has been the same, in times when I was young or old

And I stuck to it, afraid to be bold

My arms I would fold

Like I didn’t give a damn

“Give it a try” I was told,

But my ears refused to listen, I never wanted to learn.

Then one fine day, out of the blue I broke tradition

I rose up my head and looked at the world I was afraid of

Why was I scared in the first place?

I wondered, Not to worry because finally I’d found my voice

I discovered my passion and learnt to blend in

No longer was I afraid to try the road not taken

My whole life I had suppressed any feeling of wanting to be the best

Scared that they might laugh

Or call out my bluff

For me doing less was my enough!

Oh what joy I was now feeling!

A sense of freedom, no more excuses.

No more thoughts of being useless

The world was there for me to be a part of.

All the others were just like me

Some had made their mark, others were getting there.

Life’s better now, I walk with my head up high.

Now I’m very much aware that there’s nothing to fear

Oh yes I’m bold, but there’s one big regret

I wish it hadn’t taken me this long

To find out my worth.

12 thoughts on “A BIT TOO LATE…little one, never look down. BE BOLD

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a personal piece. Made me think about all the people who never do pick their heads up and take the true journey. I am grateful to be alive, awake and aware now. We have right now with our eyes open… thank you for your poetry.


  2. The writing that one can relate to the most, is writing which is honest and candid. Your writing is exactly that. You have a very sweet spirit within you. I appreciate you sharing yourself with us, and thank you so much for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading and learning more from you. 🙂


  3. this is a powerful blog, i too have felt this way… it has even hindered my career in fine art. it took me months to realize the strength God gave me and know im back to selling art and enjoying life. thank you for showing me your truths….


    1. I wrote this bearing in mind that lots of people feel this way. I’m glad you came out of it by God’s grace. You’re welcome and thanks for reading as well.
      All the best in your endeavours.


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