He was gnashing his teeth. His palms were sweaty and he was so confused. So many thoughts flooded Bob’s mind. He was pacing from side to side in his hall. Not so many of us can take the news that Bob had found out just like that. He drove to the bridge in such a haste. What had caused him to be distraught?

Bob had inherited quite a fortune from his late grandmother. He was twenty seven years old, not too old, he definitely still had a lot to achieve in life. He worked for a law firm, and he was good at what he did. He’d won so many cases and was the most recommended lawyer in his city. He had a car, was dressed in $1000 suits, and he had a picture perfect smile to go with his handsome features. You could say he had the life. He wasn’t married though and this was because he just wasn’t ready to settle down.

Friday nights were fun outings for Bob. After working nonstop the whole week, he thought he deserved some good time for himself. He met Mira, a waitress at a fancy sushi restaurant on one of his outings, and instantly there was an attraction. Bob was fascinated by her. She was from Portugal, but she’d spent the last two years in America. He also got to know that she was a year older than him, a Muslim, divorced, and once a prostitute. He took her home that night to his place and they made love. Now Bob did the sensible thing by using protection. He and Mira continued to see each other whenever they could. Bob liked Mira but he didn’t love her. He just enjoyed her company, and the sex was good. Now he felt safe with her so the question of protection had become a thing of the past. They’d been together for a year now. Mira had lost a ton of weight. Her curves had all vanished and she complained of having the flu. She had lost her appetite too. She went to the hospital to have a checkup. That night she came home looking like she had lost all hope for life. Bob was out of the country doing business fortunately for her so she wouldn’t have to explain herself. She decided on keeping her illness a secret but a side of her thought that Bob should know because after all he too could be affected. She decided to go back to her family back in Portugal. Two weeks after she had arrived there, Mira died from complications from her illness. Her body was cremated and, her family made sure that no word about her illness was traveled far.

Now when Bob got to know about Mira’s sudden death, he was shocked. He got home to find that Mira had left him a letter in which she said she was going back to her family in Portugal. She loved him but thought he was too good for her and told him to forget about her and move on with his life. A part of him wanted to contact Mira’s family to find out exactly why she had died, but then he decided against that, thinking her family would only take advantage of him. So he did move on with his life until about 2 months later he received the worst news ever. He had noticed that he got tired almost all the time, he’d lost appetite, and he also had the flu.

He never went to hospitals but then this time, he felt so weak, he had to know what was wrong with him. He was relieved to find out that he was sick due to overworking himself. He was given drugs to take care of the flu.

A horrible mistake which would prove tragic in the end had been made, but for now Bob went home feeling reassured that he would be ok. The symptoms cleared away, but only for a while. Everyone noticed that Bob had lost some weight. He blamed it on his work schedule. A month later, Bob received a call from his doctor who told him to see him immediately. It was in the Doctor’s office where Bob received the news he had least expected. The doctor dejectedly told him about the mix up of folders between him and another patient. There was no doubt about it. Bob was HIV positive. At that instant he felt like his soul had been pierced with a thousand knives. It was terrible news for him but extreme happiness for another person who felt he’d been given a second chance at life. “Damn! Mira it was you. It had to be you. Bulls***!” he thought to himself. He felt like crying, in fact he did cry. He couldn’t think straight. Somehow he made his way home. Still, he couldn’t come to terms that he had this dreadful disease. What good was his life now?

…20 minutes ago,

“My life is over. Everything is gone. Mira Damn you! Why me?” he yelled out. He paced around in his hall. So much was on his mind. What would people say of him? His career was over, he thought. He drove over to the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge and parked by the side. He needed some air and got out to look at the sea. It was quite a distance from up where he was. Life had been great, now it had no meaning to him. Yes the drugs were there, but he was still going to die. Death was waiting for him. It was mocking him. His eyes were red and he looked pale. He didn’t care how he was dressed nor did he care about the people looking at him. He held his watch in his hand and stared at it, and he dropped it into the water. He laughed when he saw it hit the water. The sun was setting. The birds in the sky were so many, all flying in one direction. By now he was sitting dangerously on the edge of the bridge.”Now where should I land? Here, or over there? No that will be a good spot right there.” He heard the siren and said, “Oh they’re coming to get me now. Well they’re too late.” He took a deep breath, his last, and then let go of the railings and down he fell into the ocean. The sea carried Bob away with her strong currents, tossing his body without care. The waves engulfed him, and his body was no longer in sight.

4 thoughts on “THE SUICIDE

  1. I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award…I sincerely enjoy your writing! The rules are on my last post if you need them. : ) Keep writing and inspiring!

    : )


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