The eyes know little of what really is – STOP Bullying

It was seven thirty in the morning. He had had only a few hours of sleep because he had been thinking of how he was going to go through today too. Friday was the best day of the week for him. It meant that he had at least the weekend to escape his ‘predators’. But on Sundays, he always felt so sad because Monday was the next day and that meant school. Not that he hated school, he loved learning and being in class. It was just ‘those people’ he disliked a lot.

Two chocolate wrappers lay on his bedroom floor. One bar was left and he munched on it.

Darko was an overweight child. Throughout his life he had been teased. But he being overweight was due to a genetic disorder and most people didn’t get that. His Mom was the only slim person in his family and his Dad was overweight like him. He loved to eat but it was because it made him happy and also made him forget all the hurtful things that people said. Today was not going to be any different. The staring wouldn’t change, nor would the nasty comments which would be passed about him. But he didn’t bother too much about that. It was ‘those people’ in school he was scared of.

“Dear God why did you make me overweight? I’d be happy if you took my life away right now,” Darko said one time. When his Mother heard this she got so angry and told him never to say something like that again. He brushed his teeth, got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. He opened the fridge and took out soda and jelly beans, his favorite. “Darko you really need to stop eating those. Look how big you’re getting” his Mom said to him. He hated when she called him big. The school bus arrived in front of his house. His Mom kissed him on the forehead and put a sandwich his bag. She said to him, “Try not to pay any attention to what those kids say. And if anyone gives you any trouble, be sure to let Miss Callester know about it immediately, okay?” “Yes Mom, I’ll try” he replied. He got on the bus and made his way to the back. “Hey everybody King Kong’s here, stay clear from his corner” said a boy. Darko ignored the comment and sat down quietly. It was now eight o’clock and the bus had reached his school. “Hey there my big chap! Enjoy your day.” said the bus driver to Darko. It was the second time today he’d been called big and no, he was not going to enjoy his day. That he knew for sure.

The bell sounded for recess. The part of the day he’d been dreading. He’d go and see Miss Callester and have lunch with her. He grabbed his backpack and made his way through the hallway and then he felt a tap on his shoulder. He knew already. When he turned, he had a blow in his face and next thing, he was lying flat on the floor. He could hear the others laugh. “Where’s your neck Darko? I can’t see it. And you know, those boobs of yours have grown bigger you should have worn a bra, fat twit!” said Addison spitefully. Addison was the leader of the gang who had been bullying Darko. He opened Darko’s bag and took his jelly beans and his sandwich. “Well have a nice day Darko, tell Mummy I said hi” Addison said as he left with his gang. Darko, with tears in his eyes ran back to the class. He did not go to see Miss Callester. When he sat down, he was panting. He was out of breath. Finally school was over. He had faced another day of hearing hurtful words, piercing stares and Addison. He got home and went straight to his room. Under his pillow lay another bar of chocolate he’d hidden. He ate it to try and forget about the day’s happenings. He logged in onto his profile. Social networking was something he didn’t do very often. “GO AND DIE FAT A**”was the first thing he saw on there.

“Why do they hate me so much?” he thought to himself. Darko went out to have a swim in the backyard pool. His Mom had got the pool made for his 16th birthday. Darko loved to swim but not in public.  He entered and felt at ease. For a while he swam happily and forgot everything. Then those scary thoughts came back to him. The day’s events played out again in his head. The last thing he thought of was the nasty comment on his profile. Maybe it would be better if he wasn’t around. After all he would be granting people their wish.Everyone seemed not to want him around. One person would however not be happy was his Mom.He knew she loved him dearly, but then she wasn’t the one going through what he did on a regular basis. He went under water and came up again. He did that about eight times. The ninth time he did not come up. The place was quiet. The only motion was the water carrying him from side to side. Around six in the evening, his Mom was home from work. When she parked the car in the garage, she noticed something floating in the pool. She got closer to get a better look. When she saw what she saw she fainted. Her worst fear had come true.

8 thoughts on “The eyes know little of what really is – STOP Bullying

  1. Bullying is so destructive. Ironically, I wrote my blog on the same topic today. At any age, any place, any time….it should never, never be tolerated.
    Thank you for writing this!



  2. this is very good read Miss Elsie…
    one can heal from physical wounds, yes it takes time,
    but verbal abuse, the words spoken seem to embed in our minds, our hearts and
    stay with us a lifetime…
    if more people were aware that words are an energy and grow, I wonder if they would stop and think before they bully…I was the misfit kid many years ago, i still hear the words …
    you are very talented in writing the pain one feels,
    Keep writing and telling the world what they don’t always want to hear….
    someone is always listening, you make a difference with your words…



    1. Thank you so much. This is the reason why I write. You actually made me tear up.
      Words can affect a person so much.I wish people would use their words to affect the lives of people in a positive way
      rather than pass nasty comments to make them feel bad.

      thank you again reading. Oh and your blog is stunning!


  3. Words are powerful and too bad that we are using them to do harm sometimes.
    Perhaps if we were all taught to think positively and speak tactfully we could all work together in greater harmony. In my life, bullies and people doubting me has caused so much grief. It has also caused me to make myself very strong and confident in who I really am. Thank you for your writing, stirs so many feelings of justice and perseverance for me.
    Beautiful! ~ Jason


    1. Jason. Thanks for reading. I’m glad you turned out confident in yourself. The past might be sad and difficult to forget but it shouldn’t stop anyone from moving on.I wish everyone could think positively like you just said; the world would be a peaceful one to live in.Have a blessed day, and thanks again for visiting my blog.


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