MOTHER AND FATHER, THEIR LOVE FOR YOU – when the roles switch up…

Life is beautiful, if you have it be thankful,

You were brought onto this earth by two precious people

So helpless you were, and this your parents knew.

They held you in the arms, and worried when you were ill

It was always about you, because they cared so much,

Then you took your first steps, and came tumbling down

They never did rush you, or intentionally make you frown

Do you remember crying till you had your way?

They’d buy you all the toys, and you’d dry your tears away.

What you spoke even when it didn’t make sense,

They listened to you, and agreed with what you said

Then the most difficult part of raising a child;

You became a teen, and became very loud

A rebel you were, but still you were loved,

Even when you raised your voice, they never let you go

They were once your age, they’ve been through all that before

So when the roles switch up, give them the same love and respect

Old age comes with its difficulties, don’t be mad.

When they start to lose memory, remind them, don’t get angry.

If they’re ever sad, try to make them happy

Buy them gifts to let them know you care,

Just like when you were young, they showered you with everything because you were so dear,

Even if it’s for ten minutes, sit down and talk to them,

They’ll get lonely and bored sometimes, but never when you’re there,

Bring your children around them, whenever you can

Let them play with them and have fun.

So much joy they will feel when they see those little ones.

Day in day out, they’re getting older

No one can escape that dreadful moment, it’ll surely come

When death stares them in the eye, be there with them and help them face it

Hold their hand, tell them to be strong

Don’t ever leave till their time on here is surely done

And when they’re gone don’t be sad for long

They will always be with you, know that.

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