Love Was Just Enough…the long wait


“Jade, I love you. Don’t ever forget that. I will wait for you no matter how long” he proclaimed. Jade looked down in despair. “I love you so much, I just have to honor him, I can’t break my promise to my father.” Sawyer loved her enough to let her go. Early that morning he gathered a bunch of fresh flowers; marigolds were her favorite. Two years ago, Jade was at her father’s side who lay on his dying bed. He made her promise to go and live with her Aunt in America when the time was right. He would have loved to see her become a polished, educated, young lady. Unfortunately that was something, he would not live to see. Sawyer was literally Jade’s lifesaver. He helped her get through the most difficult time of her life, and he’d proved his love to her on many occasions. He’d once saved her from committing suicide when she tried to drown herself, all because she didn’t know how she’d cope with the loneliness when her father passed away. The goodbye was sealed with a kiss, followed by the longest stare as she sat on the train to commence her long journey. Eight years later, their paths would cross again. When Jade went to America, she had changed, physically. Her love for Sawyer was still strong. Because of that, any man who pursued her immediately sensed the walls she had put up. She wanted so badly not to fall for someone else, but to remain faithful to her true love. Then some sad news came in, Adele de Graft, her foster mother who took care of her after the death of the father had also been called by her Maker. She was to travel to Marlborough to attend the funeral. She got on a train when she arrived in England to travel to her home, the home she missed so much, and she missed Sawyer too. Fate had a twist of its own. Thirty minutes after the train had left the station, it crashed into another after crossing a red light. In a few seconds, the scene was like what you see in the movies. He opened his eyes and he felt a slight stiffness in his left leg. He had to get off before the worst envisioned. People were moaning and crying out. He helped two children, boy and girl out, and away from the remains of the train. One side of it was then engulfed in flames. There were more persons calling out for help. The firefighters had arrived and carried out a hasty rescue mission. Then he saw her. Same face, it had to be her. “Jade!!!” he screamed out. He ran towards the blazing train, past the fire fighters. They tried to restrain him but to no avail. How could he let the one he loved die in front of his eyes? He entered one of the cabins, and there, she lay on the floor. She’d passed out, because she had inhaled too much smoke. He too was coughing uncontrollably. He would not leave her here no matter what. He carried her towards the entrance of the train’s door. The heat was intense and he felt dizzy. He fell to the ground with her. Love is sweet, love is pure. One had to wait so long, so much to endure. Love is strong, love is patient. Love will set you free, even in your trying moments. Sawyer lay on a hospital bed, he was comatose. He had been in this condition for a week now. Jade was by his side each day and she never lost hope. “Sawyer, you waited for me. Now it’s my turn and I won’t give up, I don’t care how long.” She whispered in his ear. Days turned into months and months into a year. On her birthday, she was at the hospital singing to him. It had been over a year now and it was only a matter of time till the doctors would tell her to pull the plug on him. No. That wasn’t even an option. He’d waited eight years for her. She would continue to wait. An hour later she sought God’s help. “God, this man is a keeper. I’ve known this ever since the day he dragged me out of the river. Lord, a miracle would be the best present of my life. Please don’t take him away. Then she sang a hymn to comfort her soul, ‘In the Garden’ by C. Austin Miles: ‘I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses, And the voice I hear falling on my ear, The Son of God discloses…’ She was reassured again. She went to Sawyer’s room and held his hand. “I prayed for you Sawyer”. She continued to talk to him till she fell asleep still by his bed and holding his hand. An hour to midnight, she felt a grip. She opened her eyes and he was looking at her. “Thank you Lord Almighty” she shouted out, and there were tears of joy. She got a nurse to see to him to check if he was ok. The wait was over, finally. This moment was the best in her life. Sawyer was equally happy. From the moment he saw her in the train, he had vowed to never let her out of his sight again. His memory was intact, he remembered everything vividly. “Happy birthday, I love you.”

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