It’s a well known fact that Mother’s Day is more publicized and recognized than Father’s Day. The reasons behind this are understandable. For nine months, that blessed woman carries a child in her womb. It surely is an amazing feeling to have something so precious grow inside of you, which starts out, as small as the tip of a pen and develops gradually into a beautiful baby.

The birth of a baby is one of the most wonderful moments of a mother if not the most wonderful. So where does the father come in? Yes he helped make the baby, he was there when the baby was born, and he will play an important role of raising the child till he or she is old enough. Bonding with a father is truly special, and even more so if you’re Daddy’s little girl.


Today is the day she’ll go on her own,

Bonding with her Daddy might have to be put on hold,

Today she’s the most beautiful girl in the world

One thing’s for sure, she’ll always be Daddy’s little girl,

Today Dad knows this is special, befittingly he’s draped her in pearls

Behind that veil is the loveliest smile,

A smile so wide, maybe wider than the river Nile,

Today she’s nervous, but only for a while,

Dad looks at her and says,

“Don’t be scared, I’ll walk you to the very end of that aisle.”


The anticipated moment has come, she said “I do”,

Everyone is happy and so is her Dad too,

Groom looks at Dad and tells him he’ll take care of her

Dad noddingly agrees and whispers, “I know or you’re as good as dead”

They head out the church on their way to the reception,

There’s so much cheering from well wishers, she hopes Dad is not missing,

She has a new man in her life and she loves him dearly,

But she knows there’s one she’ll have forever, her Dad, now isn’t that lovely?

As she makes her way down the stairs, someone missteps on her gown,

Dad rushes to get her train out the way, so she won’t fall down.


They all enter into the most beautiful reception room,

She looks in awe as she just can’t believe her eyes

Music plays on, as the guests get their groove on,

The Bride winks at Dad as she and her groom get on the dance floor,

Their display is spectacular, but there’s one more she won’t dare miss

Now Father and daughter walk holding hands,

And everyone knows this is the father daughter dance.

They move so gracefully as everyone watches

This is the night’s highlight, no one can control their emotions

Dad reminisces,

“Yesterday she was just a little girl,

I would pick her up whenever she fell

Yesterday she graduated from college,

She was developing into a phenomenal woman at just a tender age

Yesterday she made her grand entrance in the delivery room,

And today she made her grand entrance with her most deserving groom.”

He the father and she the daughter, a bond so special no one can alter.

6 thoughts on “THE REAL FATHER’S DAY

  1. To this day I wish that my mother wouldn’t have left this world without telling the family who my father was, I will never know and I will always wonder. I am, however, fortunate enough to have two fathers now…an adoptive father and a step-father. It certainly made my first wedding day special.

    Cheers Elsie!


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