Reality versus Fantasy – Careful it could be you…

It was my last day in high school. It was meant to be a red letter day. I had just one more paper to write, Integrated Science. I did everything in style that day. I wanted to live in the moment because my four years in high school had come to an end.

“Mum I’m off to school, I’ll be back later” I said as I grabbed my stationery kit. “Okay, God be with you and don’t rush through the paper. I know you’re excited. I can’t believe this day has finally come,” she said to me. I was obviously happier than she was. God only knows how long I had waited to see this day. But it wasn’t all happy feelings I was having, I was a bit sad because I knew for sure there were some friends I wasn’t going to see again. Everyone in my class, the class clowns, the ‘MR. KNOW-IT-ALL’ , the boy who had issues with every girl, the quiet people(yes, those times you would awkwardly start a conversation with them, and they actually turned out to be interesting), my best girlfriends, my best friend of course, and him, I would surely miss all of them.

Now wasn’t the time to be overly sentimental. I had to be focused . Honestly the night before, I hadn’t learnt a thing. It had been two days since I wrote my previous paper and I had allowed complacency to get the better of me. I was smart yes, but I was lazy too. I always waited till the last minute to do things, and this attitude had been with me during the whole exam writing period. “God will see me through,” I said to myself to get rid of the guilty thoughts. But God helps those who help themselves.

Two hours later, I was in the exam hall writing my paper. I struggled on a few questions but overall I thought I did pretty good. Then just when I thought I would never hear those words soon enough, the invigilator stood up and shouted, “Stop work! All pens down.” There was a mutual feeling of relief, happiness and jubilation in the hall and you could tell by the way everyone was beaming. The invigilator then spoke one more time, “You may now leave the hall, thank you for your cooperation, everyone”. So I was free. The feeling was more than great. No more having to wake up early in the morning to get ready for school, no more homework, no sleepless nights preparing for exams, and best of all, no more unreasonable rules to follow.

It was now a couple of months since I had left school. I had been living the life; going to get-togethers, visiting friends, and basically just making the word “enjoy” make sense. Then one day, what everyone had been waiting for was here. The results were out. I had never felt so much pressure before. It was intense, just knowing that those final grades would determine your future.

I was not prepared for what I saw when I entered my particulars to check my results.  If you could recall how John Terry felt when he missed the penalty against Manchester United in the final of the Champions League, or, when Asamoah Gyan’s penalty kick had hit the bar of the goal post against Uruguay in the quarter final of the 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP(yes I’m a die-hard football fan), then you might have an idea of how I felt.  One B, five Cs and two Ds. Which top university would take me with such results? And what course would I even be given? What would my parents say, my friends who had all passed, would they still be around? Then slowly it all came back to me. Those nights when I had allowed sleep to be my best friend, the days in school when I had decided to engage in silly conversations that took most of my time, reading Math instead of working it(although it’s effective sometimes), thinking of him when I should have been planning a timetable, all the hours on I spent on facebook and twitter looking at people’s pictures and commenting on them, when I should have rather taken the comments my form teacher wrote in my report book seriously, and it was only now that I was finding out music and learning do not go hand in hand, apparently.

Then I fell to the ground. My calculator was on the floor, and my biology notes on my bed. I climbed back on and just hugged my book. Thank God it was all just a dream. The relief was just too much. I looked at my calendar, 89 days more. Definitely some attitudes had to change. It was 6:30 am and ardently I went over my notes which I had failed to finish reading the night before.

Don’t watch time fly away, and certainly don’t abuse it if you have it.

6 thoughts on “Reality versus Fantasy – Careful it could be you…

  1. I lived this over 20 years ago. Not in England, not from watching too much football (European or American style), not even from boys or sleep….

    I know you’re in character for this story, but if I were an adult talking to the narrator, I’d tell her that, in the long run, the tests don’t matter and that she CAN still get into those top universities and colleges if she wants. And then I’d tell her to stop feeling sorry for herself and DO it.

    But that’s not the point here. It’s good. It’s true to the character, true to a lot of people, not just students in secondary school. It brought back memories. 🙂


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