She lay on the floor wondering if this was the end for her. Her eyes shedding tears like a waterfall. That day she cried like never before. So much that it got to a point that she wasn’t even aware of her senses. Flashbacks appearing in her head about everything she had been through. She felt an inner voice talk to her, as if trying to reassure her that everything would be alright. She could not get herself to ignore that voice inside of her, and this was what she was hearing. “Who am I but an innocent child, to the greatest mother I think I’m going to have. Is  it my fault that you are in this unbearable pain right now? I feel so guilty that if it was left to me alone I would never have bothered you at all. And to think that I’m about to enter this world to cause you more grief. I’d rather not, because the love I have for you is more than you can think of. Please don’t cry anymore because I’m afraid I might suffocate you with my tears, fast filling your inside. I too have great plans, or maybe I should speak in the past tense because I feel like those plans will never come to pass. Do you hate me that much? No, that can’t be, or else you would have gotten rid of me earlier, so there must be some part of you that feels for me. Please don’t give up on me. God sent me to you, the most precious gift you could ever have. And here you are, having thoughts of returning the gift. You might feel like you have lost everything but let me tell you, that your Father in Heaven is watching over you, it’s up to you to know that, that is enough upon everything you have lost. Oh well, should I begin to plan my journey back to Heaven? What message will I give to my Father up there, should I tell Him that His amazing gift was refused? What a pity.”

Her answer to the voice was this. “I love you my dearest one. I love you so much. Right now I feel like I’m being pierced with a thousand needles in my womb. I had plans initially of giving you up, but I know my Father in Heaven will not be happy if I go through with them. I just feel your entrance into this world would be too early. I don’t want you to suffer because of my mistake, on the other hand, you could be the greatest blessing in disguise I would ever have. I am faced with this decision now of having you or getting rid of you. I have made my choice. Wait! I can see clearer now…I see my future with you in it. You are not alone, your siblings are there too. I see you graduating, smiling at me. I’m hearing better now. What is it that you are saying, my precious one? That I hate you?!No! never let such thoughts ever enter your head again. I’m no longer feeling numb. I feel you kicking in my womb, you agree with what I’m saying, don’t you. My sense of smell is back, and I smell the aroma of food round the corner. I’m hungry, if I am, you must be too. I will never harm you, I will protect you. I love you my little one. I won’t give you up. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and sing to you. I can’t wait to proudly show you off as the greatest gift I ever received from my Father in Heaven. What is it that you are saying? Your Dad? He doesn’t even want to hear me speak of you. It’s sad he can’t feel what I feel for you. But let’s hope he will change his mind one day about you. See you in 5 months, my love. I will always be there for you.”

Slowly she gets up from the floor, and in her mind she plans the kind of life she would like to have. She rubs her protruding belly, which is getting bigger by each day and talks to it. “Love is what made you in the first place, into this world I’ll bring you with love. Never again will I have doubts, my dear little one, our Father in Heaven smiles from above. Even though I have nothing on me, no money  to buy you what you need, no place that we can call our home, I have one thing I can offer you, which is my unconditional love. Hope is all I need now, and I have faith. I trust in the Lord with all my heart that He will provide.”


  1. This will teach me to hit random post. Such a wonderful story, its sad that most in that situation do not turn out this way. My ex-wife and I had several miscarriages, and those about killed me. I see my children, and then I hear stories like this. It breaks my heart, and I wish there was more I could do to help the poor hurting souls.


    1. Thanks for reading. I wish I too could help and it’s good to know someone feels the same as I do. Sorry about the losses, I trust your children bring you all the happiness you desire 🙂


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